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  Colorful Markets of Odisha

Weekly Market HAATA of Langia Saura, Kutia Kondh, Desia Kondh, Dongaria Kondh, Paraja, Gadaba, Bonda, Didayee, Mali & Dhuruba Groups

Dongariya Kondh Girl A lovely drive through the jungles and villages will take you to the gateway of the Adivasis living in South of odisha. Your tour will start as you visit one of the most fascinating groups, Kutia Kondh. Kutia Kondh women are well known for their tattoos on the face, which as per their belief identifies them after death with their own relatives. The villages are of a typical style and huts are scattered on the hill slopes.

You can also see and enjoy the Dongria kondhs men and women coming down from the mountains with different kinds of fruits and livestock etc. to the weekly market. You can see their interesting weekly market where they mix with other communities. The weekly market at Chatikona where Doms, Desias and Dongoriya Kondhas barter is an interesting event to watch.

Bondas live in the remote hills and keep themselves isolated. They are normally seen when they come to trade at the local market. The Bonda women are noticeable by their bead necklaces, striking brass and silver neckles and their shaved heads decorated with plaits of Palmyra leaves & beautiful Cap made with beads & Clips.

Godabas, who are noticeable for their Big Neck rings which are about 500–700 gms each and cannot be removed without the help of a blacksmith. As a part of their tradition, it is only removed after their death. Their Ear Rings are considered to be the biggest in the world.

Gadhaba Paraja people are the largest in number among all the Groups and live a common life. But are different from the common people with their traditional wear. They are expert in agriculture. Dhurubas, once upon a time considered as a nomadic group from Madhya Pradesh are now settled in the borders of odisha are interesting to visit. They are experts at their bamboo works.

Tour Schedule
Location East
Number of Days 09
Number of Nights 08
Start Place Rayagada
End Place Bhubaneshwar
Day Schedule

Arrival at Bhubaneshwar. Met upon arrival & transfer to the hotel at Bhubaneshwar. Sight seeing of Bhubaneshwar & Move Around. Board the Evening Train to Rayagada. Overnight on Board.

Sunday Upon arrival, drive to Jhigidi Village Near Bissam. Overnight at Nature Camp, Jhigidi Adivasi Village Retreat.
Monday Excursion to the Langia Saura Weekly market & the villages around Puttasingh area. Back to the Camp. Overnight at Jhigidi Village.

Excursion to Kutia Kondh Villages & their weekly market around Kotgarh. Back to the Camp. Overnight at Jhigidi Village.


Visit of the Dongariya Kondh's Weekly market. Drive to Jeypore. Overnight at Sai Krishna or Madhumati or Hello Jeypore.


Visit of the Bonda, Gadhaba & Didayee Groups' weekly market. Witness The most colourful dance of the Gadaba People. Overnight at Nature Camp, Onukudelli, Adivasi Village Retreat.

Friday Visit of the Paraja market & their village. Enjoy a Dhemsa (Gadhaba Dance) at one of the villages. Overnight at Nature Camp.
Saturday Visit of Dhuruba villages. Afternoon visit of the Kotpad weaving village. Later on drive to Jeypore. Overnight at Sai Krishna, Jeypore.
Sunday Drive to Koraput. Visit the Paraja Weekly market, Tribal Museuem & Jagannath Temple. Board the Train for onward connection.


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